Thursday, September 6, 2007

What we most want

On Tuesday, I spent from 7:00 to 9:45 traipsing about delivering everyone to various locations: Roscoe to junior high by 7:50, Mark to the train station immediately thereafter. Logan leaves (on his own!) at 8:20, then I drive Levi to kindergarten at the same school at 8:40. Tuesday was Haley's first day of preschool, so I took Jesse to a friend's house at 9:30 to play while Haley headed to preschool at 9:45. All of which meant that I had TWO HOURS alone before beginning the process in reverse. And this is the plan for every Tuesday and Thursday--TWO HOURS, TWO TIMES a week!

What to do with this glorious surfeit or privacy and leisure? Here are some scenarios I've imagined:

40 minutes yoga
40 minutes working on resumes (my freelance job)
20 minutes housework
20 minutes relaxation


40 minutes working on my new resume company
20 minutes on family finances
40 minutes wandering the house picking up things and completing unfinished tasks
20 minutes folding laundry while watching TV


50 minutes for ill-advised trip to Old Navy (why, oh why, do I ever try on those jeans?)
10 minutes sorting and storing kids' clothes bought on clearance
40 minutes working on resumes
10 minutes reading
10 minutes doing nothing at all

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. My first day of independence was relaxing and productive. But the best part of the day came after.

First I blazed (woe to the SLOW-sign-holding construction man on my street) to the elementary school and retrieved Levi from morning kindergarten. He and his friends burst out the door like popcorn the moment the teacher opened it. He scanned the crowd of moms, burst into smile when he saw me, and ran over, with his backpack--nearly as big as he--flapping behind him.

Since Haley's preschool ends the same moment kindergarten does, we blazed back down the road (sorry SLOW man!) and joined the line of Caravans and Odysseys in front of Miss Kathryn's house (we in a Caravan, of course). Haley walked out the front door, as Miss Kathryn had instructed her, but she started down the sidewalk tentatively. Levi slid the van door open, and shouted "Haley!" Haley broke into a run and hopped in the van to our applause. She made it through her first day!

Haley and Levi swapped school tales on the way to Jesse's babysitter (SLOW man again). Haley shared with Levi the second of the two Starburst candies her teacher had given her. We all trooped in to retrieve our blazing red-headed baby, who squeezed my shoulder with all his little might.

When we were all buckled in again, I felt so happy to be back together. SO happy! I do dream and dream and even obsess over ways to steal moments' privacy and get AWAY from those three little ones. I feel like when Professor Quirrel says to Harry, "You don't understand--I'm never alone." (He says this because the spirit of Lord Voldemort, the most evil wizard who has ever lived, was living in the back of Quirrel's skull. I say it for qualitatively, if not quantitively, different reasons.) But after being scattered to the four winds for those two hours, we all felt relieved to be reunited and come home again. Which is where we most want to be.

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  1. Oh Ang! I love your blog because you are such a good writer! The imagery almost made me come to tears! It's like I was there! Bless you and those cute little ones (and the big ones too).