Friday, September 21, 2007

The Inimitable Logan

I don't believe I've ever in my life met a person like Logan. How to describe the scope, the intensity, the improbability of Logan...

A boy whose father christened him "Logan Michael Gazelem Qshurst-McGee" but feels the name just isn't sufficient and insists on "Logan Michael Gazelem Victor Qshurst-McGee."

A boy who is forced to live an inch shorter and step behind an older brother who has already read every fun book, made every cool bionicle.

A boy whose mother craves only peace and harmony despite his vigorous efforts to effect drama and intensity.

Logan loves:

  • excitement

  • chaos

  • rollercoasters

  • a good story (of his own invention)

  • rock and roll (including AC/DC)

  • speed

  • an entourage

  • fame

  • the electric guitar

  • being the leader

  • taking liberalities with the truth

  • risk
  • peanut butter & jelly sandwiches made by his mother

  • originality

  • staying up late

  • going to the clerk's office at church with Dad (rare one-on-one time and possibly an illicit trip to Wendy's)

  • his family

  • karate (though he'll never, ever admit it as his mother is the one who signed him up)

  • bionicles

  • an interesting project
Logan shuns and/or despises:

  • guilt

  • living in his older brother's shadow

  • neatness

  • unfairness

  • being disregarded

  • all things girly

  • early rising

  • work

  • being called on a fib

  • pain, misfortune, or setbacks (they shatter his view of the world as his oyster)

Will the raging river of Logan be confined within the banks of the strait and narrow? Will Logan's mother succeed in providng him sufficient positive energy and absorbing creative outlets? If Roscoe is good will Logan feel he must be bad? Will Logan use his formidable powers to lead the charge for truth, peace, and righteousness? Stay tuned.

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