Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jesse reaches new heights

Note the right hand expertly moving the mouse. The open cell phone at the ready--apparently he was in the middle of a call when this shot was taken. With the left hand, he points to his work on the computer screen.

We have entered a heightened level of security risk.

Jesse succeeded in climbing onto a barstool. From which he accessed my kitchen desk. All manner of restricted items. First, scissors, then Sharpies. I kid you not, he turned on a Norah Jones CD, programmed the cell phone, and started clicking around the computer with the mouse. He felt very fulfilled and self-actualized to be finally doing what everybody else does.


  1. I am giggling uncontrollably. I remember when Naomi was just hitting this age and it seemed like every other day I had to scoot things a little further up and away. I haven't noticed that much of a change with Asher - I think because I never really had a chance to UN-scoot things. Everything is already under lock and key(or at least in a high cupboard).
    But that is one cute picture. He does look like he is in the middle of a very important business transaction.

  2. da gum! That's one cute kid.