Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A knife in the dark

Is it just me, or does the cry of your baby in the night hit you like a knife to the stomach. Their cry slices the silence. I go from deep, peaceful sleep to totally awake, heart pounding, gut wrenched. You?


  1. Definitely. And having 2 doesn't help. Sometimes I stumble out of bed and have no idea if I should head downstairs to Isaiah or across the hall to Asher.
    - But this morning the boys sang me awake with a little duet of coos. I don't know if they could hear each other of if it was just a coincidence - but either way it was a very sweet way to wake up. Much better than crying.

  2. I was just reading "Tending Roses" by Lisa Wingate. (good book, by the way) I came across the following line which very poeticly put this sentiment out there...

    "Reality struck me with a suddenness that stole my breath, and I sat up, realizing Joshua was crying."

  3. As I remember it (but I've only done it once yet) the first night or two home from the hospital the baby's crying woke me with such force that I was immediately awake and alert and willing to jump right out of bed. I think by the third day the exhaustion kicked in and I realized how annoying it was to keep getting up again. I've never felt that willing alertness since, I guess with the exception of a sick cry as opposed to an "I woke up" cry.