Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ode to Roscoe

Roscoe packing his backpack and posing for his first day of school.

This is Roscoe. He's 12. Two weeks ago he started Midvale Middle School as a seventh grader. On Roscoe's second day of school, Mark was in the car with me when we dropped him off on the curb. Before I pulled away, Mark and I watched Roscoe walk up the sidewalk toward the big, brick school. He shrugged his backpack onto his shoulders. He slouched and shoved his hands in his jeans pockets. He shook his shaggy hair to muss it appropriately.

I felt, again, that Roscoe starting junior high was the beginning of the end. Right now Mark and I feel we're in the gravy days of life. We're not getting ready to have a family or looking back on our posterity's childhoods--we're right in the thick of it. These days are the memories we'll all swap for the rest of our lives--when soccer-dodgeball (on the tramp) was our favorite family sport, when chocolate chip cookies were our favorite Sunday activity, when hotdogs on a stick were our favorite dinner, when lightsabers were our favorite weapon. And one day soon, it will end. In 7 more years Roscoe will leave and it seems like after that the central chapter of our lives will be over. After that, someone will always be missing.

But when Roscoe got halfway up the sidewalk toward the school, he stopped. He looked back over his shoulder at his parents staring at him through the windshield. He flashed us a grin that was at once bemusement, enjoyment, and just friendliness. And he waved. Then he walked into the building.
I don't love Roscoe best of all my children, but I did love him first.

Logan co-opts the camera and captures a rare glimpse of mom having a heart-to-heart with Roscoe (at the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum.)

Roscoe gives (and receives) loves from his best baby.


  1. I, sadly, have not spent that much time with Roscoe in recent years. But I have tender feelings of love for him because YOU have those feelings for him and are so good at expressing them. That's part of how your family "shows love" like we were talking about the other day, I think.

  2. angela ,i love this story that you tell about rosco's first day of school it made me cry ,you write really nicely i was imagine my kids doing that one day ,i like reading your blog very much is like reading a nice book ,you have a nice family and you are a good mom and really busy too jesse pictures with the huge!! backpack is so cute ..vanessa