Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amazing birthday gifts

Check out these amazing birthday gifts from Roscoe and Logan. I don't think I've ever received anything so creative and whimsical.

This one is from Logan:

It's a tower of treats. Graham cracker walls surround a can of Fresca, which stands upon a foundation of a tortilla. There's a moat of walnuts and Doritos, puncutuated by lollipops. The roof is bread, lollipops, and frosted mini-wheats. Wow.

This is a mobile from Roscoe:

The picture doesn't do it justice. For one, it's huge. Also, it's cut from corrugated cardboard, which must have been quite a job. Suspended from the crescent moons, the letters spell "Best Mom Sleeps Here." I love it. These crazy gifts were real labors of love from boys who apparently, despite it all, really do love their mommy.


  1. Oh yeah - mega love. Those are totally righteous and embody the true meaning of Christmas (or in this case - a B-day)

  2. love it! nothing like a little brotherly competition to get you a good gift or two!

  3. and i guess the question is...did you eat it?