Monday, October 29, 2007

Hooray for the in-laws!

My long-suffering, hard-working in-laws departed today. The deal is this: Mark has to finish his dissertation by Christmas 2008. Yes, that's 2008, which seems like a long way away, but isn't when it comes to getting a 4-person committee to sign off on 350+ pages of unique primary historical research. So Mark doesn't come home from work on Wednesday, and half the Fridays and Saturdays. And of course he's working in the clerk's office on Sundays, and Tuesday nights, and some Thursdays. Which means all he has to do is walk in the front door and he gets treated like a rock star on holiday.

Anway, back to the point, which is that Mark's parents volunteered to come pick up some slack around here while Mark did double dissertation duty.

Among other things, Skip removed two trees and four shrubs; painted a hallway; installed a stair railing, a laundry room shelf, two door frames, and two vent covers; and performed numerous other fix-its and improvements. That man is a monster!

This is my favorite of Skip's contributions. My blog post about household systems got him thinking about systems. He jotted some ideas on my kitchen cupboard chalkboard on the day he arrived. Then throughout the week I'd notice his occasional additions and emendations, until this fully formed chart was left. This is quintessential Skip. And it proffers some good advice for moms. If your "audit" of current household systems yields the "known fact" that what you're doing isn't working, then what new "processes" and "systems" will yield the "end product" you want?

In addition to serving numerous bowls of oatmeal, changing numerous diapers, and providing the nurturing lovin' only a grandma can, Brenda doggedly worked on several sewing projects, including a customized pad for Jesse's changing table. Here she cuts squares for the denim quilt she's making for Levi. (Get it? A Levi quilt for Levi?)

Here's Haley modeling the super cute nightgown grandma made. On night #4, this nightgown still transforms Haley into a twirling, curtsying princess.

On Sunday Levi announced that when he is a man he will have eight children, three babies, and a nanny. He will finance this with a career as an astronaut. When he is in space, I will be invited to come help take care of his family. I can't wait to continue the fine tradition!


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  2. what is that? Spam? Yuck.
    Anyway - I'm glad you had some help Ang. You're a strong women. And Happy Birthday!!!