Friday, October 12, 2007

I can see clearly now...

Yesterday was a great day as as mom:

First, Jesse's babysitter dogged me, so he and I came back home and spent two hours alone together while everyone else was at school. Downside: there goes my work time. Upside: two hours indulging in the luxury of giving full attention to Jesse. I stacked blocks; he knocked them down with great gusto. He stole little objects from Roscoe and Logan's room and brought them to me, and we sat side and side looking at them and saying, "Wow!" It was so fun to just focus on the amazing little mind and silly little habits of Jesse.

Later in the afternoon, something happened to catch my eye out the front window. It was Levi and Haley walking companiably side-by-side down the sidewalk. I ran out and brought them inside for a little review of the rules about leaving home. (Like how if you're 3 and 5 you have to check with mom first!) They sat down willingly to listen and sort of snuggled up to each other. Levi laid his cheek on Haley's shoulder. After our little chat, they went back outside, and I stood at the window for a while just watching. How fun it is to have two little squirrels scampering about together.

When Roscoe came home from school he showed me how he's learning to conjugate -ar and -er and -ir verbs in Spanish. So we looked at his Spanish book and practiced verbs together in a patch of sunshine on the floor. Finally Roscoe looked up at me and said, "Why are we lying on the floor?" We were just doing it for fun.

After dinner, I took Logan to school for parent-teacher conferences. We browsed around the book fair, and then read through his purchase (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) together while we waited our turn. Afterwards, we went to Sonic for treats and a little heart-to-heart about Logan's future in karate. We brought treats home for Mark and Roscoe, who were working on packing Roscoe's stuff for a Scout camput tonight.

So by the end of the day, I had had moments of total concentration on each child, as well as moments of clarity when I could see the joy and blessing of each child's existence and of this moment in their life.


  1. What a lovely day! We also had a fun day I shall call our "cheap as free day."

    So I watch these deal-finding websites and yesterday there came a free Littlest Pet Shop or Hot Wheels at Toysrus coupon. So we printed out four and just for fun, got Marri out of school (I felt slightly rebellious writing in the "Reason for leaving" as "Mom surprise." Then headed over to TRU. There were not many LPS left, but we got 2 LPS and 2 hot wheels cars and the girls were so excited.

    So then back to school with Marri, but as we normally shop on Thursday we went and picked her up and then started in on shopping. Sophie picked out her costume at the DI. Then we went to get some groceries, then off to the library (Marri said that was her favorite part of the day, she is such Rob's daughter). Then to Smith's and free cookies, then to McDonald's since I got some free gift certificates from a free post-it note deal from a few months back. The girls were so excited play and play and get Barbie dolls and play and play some more.

    Then off to Dominos to pick up some free cinna stix. Again most of these deals were found on these websites, and they normally do not collide like this, but it was so fun.

    Sophie, my little peacemaker, kept saying "Thank you so much for my two toys. This was the best day ever!"

    Yes, it was a bit commercial, but it was still very nice.

  2. If only I hadn't read this post right AFTER reading Sunday's post about another spoiled naptime. I'm sure it would elicit an "ahhhhhhh".