Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Sunday nap woes

Things that conspired to destroy my much-anticipated Sunday afternoon nap:

  • Levi crying because Logan rescinded his offer to play with him
  • doorbell ringing (someone from the ward)
  • Jesse refusing to take his nap
  • Levi needing help with Testament DVD he was watching in lieu of playing with Logan
  • Roscoe and Logan wrestling outside my door

When at long last Roscoe volunteered to take care of Jesse, who was still fussing in his crib and refusing to nap, I dared hope that today's nap would find happy fulfillment.

For a few blissful moments, I lay in bed smiling as I listened to my oldest and my youngest. Jesse happily cooed when Roscoe entered his room, and Roscoe cooed right back. I had almost drifted to sleep when I heard Roscoe say to Jesse, "Do you need a change?" "What lovely children I have,"I thought sleepily.

Sadly, all hopes were dashed when Roscoe tossed the wet diaper down the stairs--a habit he learned, sad to say, from his father. The loaded diaper popped, spattering the walls and stairs with urine-soaked gel. Sigh.


  1. At least it wasn't filled with the other substance, right?

    My Sunday nap was trashed when 15 million people from the ward knocked on our door repeatedly for one thing or another. Okay, maybe it was only 3 or 4 people, but at least 6 individual knocks.

  2. It could be worse: you could have church at 1:00 destroying all hopes of a nap for you OR your children who usually nap right then.
    Asher had his first day in Nursery and totally blew it. Richard ended up in there with him most of the time or else Asher just stood and screamed. I am in total denial still - I thought for sure he would march right in there and think he was in heaven. Oh well. We'll try again next week.