Sunday, October 21, 2007

Are you noticing a theme here?

OK, I just spent 3 days trying to upload a little video of Haley and Levi dancing. I now officially give up. But here's a shot of some artwork from my preschooler and my middle schooler.

Roscoe made his ceramics class. The glazed green eyes on the sides are truly spooky. With the notch on one side, we decided it could be used to hold your cooking spoon or paintbrush.

Today our stake conference was a regional stake conference broadcast from the Conference Center. It was a special treat to hear from General Authorities in a more personal setting. They seemed to speak more familiarly and casually--especially President Packer. There was definitely a theme to what they said that makes me think more about Sister Beck's counsel that we do less.

Elder Andersen of the Seventy said we should slow down. He said if we ask God, he will help us know how can we slow down and what things we should skip.

Sister Lant from the Primary General Presidency said that we should reconsider our family's time obligations that keep us from putting our focus where it belongs.

President Packer said, "The Lord doesn't balance his books in October," meaning that blessings from obedience and completion of our goals sometimes happen in the very long-term and that we shouldn't worry about what's not done now.

And Presdient Hinckley--who seemed much more vigorous and fluent than he did at General Conference--told us to "cultivate the art of the soft answer."

I know my soft answers fly out the window when I'm in a rush. My cousin Allison, who is one of the best moms in the world, confessed that one Sunday morning she found herself shouting at her slow-moving family, "I HAVE TO TAKE THE SACRAMENT!" She didn't want to be late one more time. I totally relate. Sometimes I sacrifice peace and patience in order to get everyone where they need to be. Sometimes when I walk into church on time with 5 children with all shoes, ties, and Primary talks in order, I think, "Well, I may be here on time, but I'm not getting any blessings for it because I had to yell at so many kids to make it happen."

So you know what I could give up in order to slow down and keep a better gospel focus and have more soft answers? Order. A clean house. My feeble attempts at personal fashion and hygiene. But then I might go crazy!


  1. Both of those art pieces are very groovy - I really dig Haley's. Sounds like a good conference. I look at things in reverse though - I feel I end up in the positive if I holler for 20 min to get my family out of the house on time on Sunday but then spend 3 hours at church. Even if I spend 2 1/2 of those hours in the hallway. I figure He knows that I would be listening attentively if I could.

  2. Wow! Roscoe has become quite the artist! And Haley as well. You have such a fabulously creative family...