Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Puma? Maytag? Barfing?

One of the happiest of events of these many years is that my brother Mark and his awesome wife Kelly are having a baby! Mark is one savvy sibling: he ensures everyone will adore his spouse and children by making us wait so dang long for them! I still practically weep with joy every time I see Kelly just because I'm so happy she's finally here! And, of course, there are many other reasons to love the talented, sweet-tempered, funky, generous, and creative Kelly.

Anyway...focus, Ang...the point is that Mark posted his baby bean's heartbeat on his blog. Mark claims it just sounds like a heartbeat, but I've always thought different. Here are my family's picks on what an in utero heartbeat sounds like:

Me: washing machine (swishy-swashy swishy-swashy)

Logan: a baby puma (wuuaaooor wuuaaaoor)

Rosoce: a baby choking on blap (This one may be the result of his longterm emotional scarring from Jesse's amazing blappiness.)

Any other candidates?


  1. A metrinome. When I went in to the hospital for my surgery and heard my own heartbeat on one of those machines that I'm so used to hearing babies heartbeat on I thought maybe I was dead. Mine was so slow comparatively!

  2. I always think they sound like something from Star Trek. I'm not sure why... :)

  3. They sound like life - what an amazing thing to contemplate!

  4. My man Paul says it sounds like the ventilation fans in a large skyscraper. Me i'm sticking with hart beat

  5. I am flattered to tears by your pretty words! Anyways, when I first heard my little brother's heart beat in utero I thought it sounded like the Energizer Bunny! Still going...

  6. Brant was in the other room as I was listening and he said it sounds like some kind of deep sea exploration. I think it sounds like wind.