Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shout-out to the lurkers

Today the stars aligned so Logan, Levi, Jesse, Mark, and I could see Joe and Jessica for a few moments before they caught their flight back to Dallas. Joe says he hopes our brief encounter will merit mention in the blog, so here it is--even though Joe's a lowly lurker who never leaves a comment to let me know he was here. I do love my brothers and their families, so much so that we're plotting ways to live closer together so 20 minutes sitting on a sidewalk on a chilly day doesn't constitute our month's interactions.

Also, Aunt Marsha let slip that Cousin Thelma Jean reads this blog, which makes me feel very happy.

So this is a shout-out to Thelma Jean, Joe, and all you other lurkers. Drop me a line sometime and let me know you're there.

Also my husband Mark wants you to know that I also have a brother Mark and that their comments should not be confused--which should be pretty easy because my husband rarely reads let alone comments.


  1. Boy am I caught with a silly grin on my red face! Yup, I'm a lurker. I just can't help myself. Ever since you had me rolling on the floor reading "A True & Faythfull Account of the Tryals and Misfortunes of Jenny Lind", I've been hooked. I feel like so many of your posts could have been my very own journal entries, just missing all that creative flair that you use to express yourself. You are an amazing writer. Your descriptions of your emotions on motherhood, are exactly how I would describe them myself. I just need some more years of writting classes! I releate to your elation at a perfect day at home, to your concerns for your struggling child. I've implemented your nurishing phrases, and am still planning to try that candy apple pizza! Thanks for all your posts, they sure are a fun part of my day. It's been so nice to get a glimpse into your life and see your kids. Give them all hugs from their long-lost cousins in AZ. We miss you guys!
    Keep writing, Angela, you have such a gift!!! I'll certainly keep reading!!! :-)

  2. Thanks Thelma Jean. I'm so flattered! It's so fun to think about you sharing these things with me!

  3. Yeah - all you Ashurst lurkers go comment on your other sisters' blog too!
    BTW Ang, I love the addition of the family pic. You guys sure are cute.