Tuesday, November 6, 2007

6 things

Ooh, six things no one knows! Here are my answers to the tag from Nancy.

1. Dramatic
I was once almost attacked by a drunk man wielding a beer bottle on a London street. I was walking alone at night, which I did frequently and with no compunction whatsoever, and he was, as I said, drunk. I think he thought for a moment I was sneaking up on him.

2. Ethnic
I laid the stone floor in a classroom in an adobe schoolhouse on the Bolivian altiplano.

3. Literary
My secret life’s ambition is to write The Great American Novel, which will finally and at last portray women’s lives as they really are in all their complexity and strength. I will write it in my writing cottage, a 12x12 room situated several yards from the house in an isolated nook of the yard and containing a writing desk, bookcase, sofa, and if I’m really lucky, bathroom.

4. Globalized
Yesterday I hired a web programmer from Romania to work on my new business.

5. Inane
When I was about 11 I decided--briefly, to my credit--I wanted everyone to call me “Bubbles.” I believe this was around the same time my brother Mark decided everyone should call him “Shark.”

6. Heartfelt
I count it as one of the greatest blessings of my life that I got to be the oldest of my six siblings and thereby spend lots of time caring for them as children and then watching them grow up to be my best friends.

I think next to be tagged should be Kelly and Dad.


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  2. Those are really cool. I especially loved the last one, since that is what I am going through (2 down, 1 on a mish, and my two sisters are in high school) so I'm about there.

    I thought Mark did great last night! Rob said Mark didn't like his presentation, but I thought he was classy and intellectual and just plain cool picking up those old docs and showing them to the KJZZ world. The best part though, was when my dad called after Rob's part (which I thought was also impressive) and said, "Great job Rob, you didn't embarrass us!"

  3. Really? I'm most stunned by the Shark comment. That'll take weeks to get old! I also love your writing cottage! I want one, too! Only an art, or knitting one!

  4. I saw a super cool shot of Rob showing off some documents. I need to blog about Mark soon.

  5. Yeah, what's all that jazz? (get the pun?)

    About the writing cottage. I could build 3 or 4 of these EASY (and inexpensively.) We just gots to get onto a compound/consolidation asap. Let the RRR conglomeration soar baby!

  6. I protest that I never wanted to be called Shark! Joe usta call me Mark the shark and I always found it annoying. Whateva!

  7. Bubbles is the funny part to me. Ang - you just don't seem much like a Bubbles to me.