Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Halloween photos!

Roscoe the teenaged werewolf. Before the other kids were even suited up, Roscoe left to treat-or-trick with his friend and go to a Halloween party. A night of tweeniness for him!

The four remaining kids.

The lizard, the fairy princess, and the cow pass out treats.

Logan the creepy vampire guy.

Levi the snake or lizard or something.

Haley the fairy princess. Nancy gave this me this idea (which she got from Aunt Nancy) to make a one-size fits all tuu-tuu/princess dress. I think Haley looked sweet as could be. Here's she's flapping her little fairy wings (not baring her claws).

Jesse the cow. I love this costume Grandma Ashurst made when Roscoe was a baby. Jesse would not be still for a proper photo! He was chasing the camera, so he and I circled the living room again and again while I tried to get him in focus!


  1. Everybody looks great! I love the "teenage werewolf" because it seems so perfectly tweeny. And Logan is indeed creepy. The lizard and the cow are just plain adorable. And sweet Haley looks truly angelic. Great job on the tutu. I love the layers of different lengths. But she does look like she's baring her claws in that one pic.

  2. Yah, good times. Got to love the handmedown costumes.

  3. Home-made costumes really are the best! I've got to say that tweeny werewolf is awesome!