Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Man

Don’t you think it’s about time I wrote something about Mark, the man who 15 years ago sat on the BYU quad and said to me, “I wanna float an idea out there: You and me making a family.” Man, oh man, did we ever make a family. And as I tell Mark frequently, it’s his love that really makes it all worthwhile. Here’s my analysis of some of the dimensions of Mark.

Rock Star

All day long, the kids ask, “Is Dad coming home tonight?” Again and again they ask. When he walks in the door, all activity immediately ceases. Everyone throngs to his side. Everyone jostles to get their arms around him. Everyone talks over one another to be the first to tell him about their day. It’s amazing. All he has to do is walk in the door.

TV Star / Indiana Jones

On Monday night, a local TV station (owned by a patron of Mark’s project) ran a special called The Joseph Smith Papers: A Television Foreword. It had interviews with Mark and his colleagues and described the purpose and editorial procedure of the Joseph Smith Papers. Mark was shown holding one of Joseph Smith’s bound journals and reading passages from it. Then he was shown using his fancy ultraviolet light to read words under the words. In other words, Joseph Smith wrote one thing, then changed his mind and wrote something different over the top. Mark’s tool (and his willingness to stare and stare at each word) lets him see what was originally written and, as he said on TV, “open a little window into Joseph Smith’s mind.”


Mark is gone a lot. A lot. But when he’s here he does things that are a huge blessing to our family. First, he does family scripture study in the morning. That’s something totally off my agenda because Mark handles it and I believe it’s a real blessing to us.

Second, he does the dinner dishes. That may seem mundane, but I bet some of you housewives know why it’s a big deal. It’s pretty demoralizing to run the household all day, wrestle kids through their chores, make dinner, serve dinner, watch the kids mutilate the meal you prepared--then stand up from the table and clean it all up. Mark does a meticulous job cleaning up from dinner, which saves me from closing the loop on the whole meal thing and lets me start the next day with a nice, clean kitchen.

Shower Therapist

So I’m home alone with the kids a lot, which I love. But sometimes when Mark, an adult, comes home at the end of the day, I find I need to talk. So I follow him into the bathroom and instead of letting him shower in peace or even talking to him about his day, I sit on the stool and inflict upon him every crazy thing the kids did, every obnoxious client I phoned, every mildly interesting tidbit from my boring day. It’s a real act of love that he listens and shows some interest.


  1. Way cute picture. And what a family you two did make! Excellent work.

  2. I love that proposal line. What an idea to float - the guy seems to be full of great ones! And yes, I salivate to have a husband who faithfully would do the dinner dishes. I'm going to have to make my hubby read that little bit...