Monday, November 5, 2007

Messages from the underworld

Every once in a while I encounter an image--a huge glob of jelly on the wall, a bottle of shampoo floating in the toilet, a meticulous construction of blocks, a jumble of ten little legs--and I marvel. Most people never see things like this.

Here are a few recent images of my life left behind by the innocent savages. Perhaps to remind me that I'm outnumbered, that my construct of civilization is shaky at best, that they live in a parallel universe of strangeness and chaos.

This Mexican luchador mask hung over my bedpost for several days. Was it a message? If so, I have yet to decode it.

This morning I found this red dragon nailed to a tree in the backyard. Apparently Levi pounded the nail with a rock. Another message?

Titles from Roscoe and Logan's bike trip to the library. Shadow Thieves? Dirty Magic? Vampires? Dripping Fangs? So this is where they're learning it all!


  1. *laughing* My most common message from beyond is a stuffed animal on my bed when to my knowledge nobody has been there since I got out that morning. I suspect that Naomi hangs out there during "naptime" sometimes but I have yet to catch her in the act.

    Love the book titles. Will they really read them, ya think? Those are some fat books!

  2. When Roscoe is done with Peter & the Starcatchers have him call me & tell me about it. I haven't gotten the chance to read it. (there are two others in that series btw)

  3. Oh, woops. That's the second. I'd still like to know about 'em.

  4. Nachoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!