Sunday, November 11, 2007

Slodge (n.)

The sad fact is today has been a slodge. No, I don't believe that's a word, but if it were, it would mean long, uphill climb. Mark is partying with old friends in Philly and NY--oh yeah, and attending a conference on Joseph's Smith's political thought. I got 5 kids to church by 8:30, managed 40 more kids through the annual Primary sacrament meeting program--doing some strange sort of yoga to slide off my chair and move the correctly-sized stepstool into place for each child--did Junior primary sharing time, Senior primary sharing time, lunch....

I realized last night that the key to happiness on this long Sunday afternoon would be providing absorbing activities--like a total family Lego fest or reading aloud. But I never had the chance. I spent all my time putting out fires and disciplining the perpetrators. *sigh*

Two bright spots in the day: Since the three middle kids and I were sitting on stand with the Primary, I told Rosoce to sit with his friends after he passed the sacrament. Jesse sat with some friends. After the sacrament, I looked up and saw Roscoe holding Jesse. His big brother sense of responsibility had kicked in and prevented him from glibly flitting off with friends.

Jesse is a major handful in sacrament meeting, but I watched Roscoe expertly handle the situation. My heart swelled each time I saw my oldest offer up his tie to entertain my youngest.

Second, we did manage our happy Sunday tradition of chocolate chip cookies. Which can heal many ills.


  1. You know we'd still be willing to take Jesse off your hands. Too cute!

  2. That Roscoe has come a long way since the days of pushing him around in the back of a dump truck in your upstairs apartment in Logan while he was still in diapers. Seems like just yesterday.

  3. That cute red hair. It's just too much. I think even I'd be willing to take him off you hands. -And I already have one of my own!

    Good gracious - just imagining what Asher and Jesse could do together if they put their collective 18 month old minds to it is really alarming.