Thursday, November 8, 2007

What a world

Ever heard of Bahrain? Well, according to Wikipedia, Bahrain is a borderless island country in the Persian Gulf and is the smallest Arab state. Which I now know because I'm doing a resume for a man who lives there and works in the--you guessed it--oil business.

I already told you I've been spending my mornings chatting with someone--unknown if this is a man or woman--in Romania whom I've hired to do web programming for my forthcoming new business. I log on first thing in the morning to catch him/her before bed. While his/her comments appear on my screen, so do the latest news headlines and notification of any new emails. When he/she asks me a technical question I don't understand, I google myself the answer within moments. Crazy, huh?

But between chat posts from Romania, I go upstairs and change diapers, sweep floors, knead bread, and sing songs to children--all things women have been doing for thousands of years. Granted my diapers are way cooler, my broom is more high-tech, and sometimes the Kitchen-Aid does the kneading for me. But still--I like the contrast. It's fun to tap into the global economy in ways unimaginable even a few years ago, and then tap into what's real and enduring.

(BTW, if you're at all intrigued by the effects of technology and globalization, you should read The World Is Flat. Mark and Joe, you would eat it up. It's a hugely influential best-seller with a very accessible reading style. BYU's Marriott School of Business did a whole conference on it. Also, you only have to read the first 4 chapters to get the gist and have a whole new outlook on the way the world works.)


  1. I have heard of Bahrain - because I used to work at an oil company. And that is quite the contrast - techno to real world. Our lives are pretty unbelievably cool.

  2. I think you are writing the 'great American novel' with your facinating life, multi-faceted life.