Sunday, December 9, 2007

24 hrs of pictures

We've had lots of excitement in the last twenty-four hours. First and foremost, yesterday was Haley's fourth birthday!

I wasn't there when Haley was born--this is only the second birthday she's celebrated with us--but I may love her birthday the most. I'm so happy to see how far she's come and how much she's grown in so many ways. She's growing like a happy flower and I'm so glad she's here in our family to do so.

Mark's birthday is on Monday, but we celebrated his with Haley's. (So he can dissertate like mad all week while his parents are here helping me out.)

Can you special I got this awesome shot of blowing out the candles?

Here's Haley with some of her birthday presents: The Daring Book for Girls, which is super fun and a companion to The Dangerous Book for Boys.

This is the dollhouse made from the little Ikea bookcase. A few months ago I ordered a bunch of free wallpaper samples from Graham & Brown. I mounted them on the backing. (Clearly, I wasn't thinking little-girls'-dollhouse when I ordered the designs.) I think this is much cooler than a super-pink dollhouse, and it can revert to a bookshelf when needed.

Today Haley wore her Christmas dress from Grandma Ashurst to church and gave a talk in Primary. I paperclipped together some pages from this little Nativity book from Tomie De Paola so she only turned to a handful of pages. Then I taught her a little sentence to go with each picture, like "Mary and Joseph were on a trip" and "The shepherds saw Jesus." This is another sign of how much she's growing. Even a few months ago she could never have learned it all, but this time she had no trouble. She stood right up, delivered her lines pefectly--and independently.

Levi has been studying gingerbread men in school--don't you love kindergarten? So I promised we'd make read gingerbread people. Here are Haley and Levi decorating.

Meanwhile, Grandma made some of her famous Christmas pumpkin bread. Molasses, walnuts, pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves--all kinds of delicious scents.

And Jesse rolled out some gingerbread of his own. :)


  1. You have the cutest family! I love ALL of them!

  2. Does your gibgerbread recipe call for molasses? I can't get molasses in Australia, but I wanted to make gingerbread too...

  3. Awwww! Haley's sweetness just shines right through her eyes. I'm so glad she's learning so fast. You're obviously feeding your little flower the right fertilizer!
    And it looks like you're getting into the Christmas spirit! Studying gingerbread cute.

  4. I got the gingerbread recipe from Joy of Cooking, and it was a good recipe. The dough rolled out nice without sticking and the finished product wasn't too hard. But yes, it did call for molasses--and cloves and vanilla and LOTS of ginger.