Monday, December 31, 2007


Of all the things children learn, my favorites to watch are walking, talking, and reading. Each of those just dramatically widens their vistas and the kids seem so thrilled by their new abilities. Right now is fun because Jesse is learning to talk--slowly--while Levi is learning to read. The other day during lunch we made these lists of "Levi can read" and "Jesse says" on the kitchen chalkboard.

Levi's life has been filled with words and books, but now he can recognize words he sees. He spends hours circling words in his Book of Mormon or numbers in my sudoku books. He proudly asserts, "I'm a reader!" or "I'm a good learner!"--phrases he's learned from his awesome kindergarten teacher. We always tell him how learning to read is going to give him hours and hours of fun for the rest of his life.

Jesse is turning out to be a bit of a slow talker. Is there too much noise around here to compete? He understands most of what we say and will follow suggestions like "Let's go take a bath" or "You need a diaper change." We can see thoughts in his head and hear mumbo-jumbo coming out of his mouth as if he were talking--but so far ball is his best word. He carefully rounds his little mouth to make the L sound. Anybody think it's more than a coincidence that ma means mom and more and mine--kind of all the same concept for babies.

In other chalkboard news, I've hung this one right across from Roscoe and Logan's bedroom door. Every few days I write a compliment or thank-you note to keep those big boys' efforts from getting lost in our hustle to manage the little kids.


  1. What a fun idea! We have some sort of large strange framed piece of wall in our family room downstairs. It might have been a mural at one point, but now it is just white. How fun it would be to turn it into a chalkboard or a whiteboard!

  2. I can't see the second picture. But I dig the idea.
    I just love to read the admiration and love in your "voice" when you talk about Jesse (or any of your kids).
    I need to make a list of Asher's words. He is using them more and more these days, too. He even occasionally puts two or three words together with little pauses in between.

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