Saturday, December 29, 2007


So I've basically been in a funk for, like, forever. I'm locked eternally in a house full of demanding, overenergetic children and mess, mess, MESS. (Think of the Grinch's "noise, noise, noise!") I dream of either a) solitude or b) affirming adult companionship. But no one here speaks to me except to ask for something or air grievances. From here my future looks like a vast wasteland of toil and loneliness.

(Can you tell Mark's on a dissertation blitz this weekend?)

What really sucks is that being the mother in a house full of children is what I really want. Their healthy exuberance and ongoing projects and the blessing of being here to witness it all--just what I always wanted.

So in addition to being grumpy, I'm ungrateful and unreasonable.

I need some spark to get me back to the sunny side of life.

Would you do me a huge favor? Send me a slice from your life, however small. Something you saw, or heard someone say. Something--anything. Please!


  1. First off ang, I just want to tell you that i admire your parenting styles and methods more than anyone ells. Your kids are in good hands. Second I really wish we could see you this holiday.

  2. I hope your funk doesn't last forever. And by the way, I'm still terrified of having two children.

    Don't they always say that exercise makes you feel better? Try out these aerobics and see how they make you feel:

  3. Ang,

    We would really love to see you!!
    I don't think I can give you any relief with a snippit of my life, since my life is pretty much hectic with kids too (although probably not as much as yours)....

  4. Two men walk into a bar...
    ouch! ouch!

    just kidding - you probably get plenty of humor on that level around your house.

    Here's a little snippet of something I saw and adored just a few minutes ago. Isaiah is asleep on the floor, on his tummy. His hands are folded together sweetly and his forehead is resting on them. He looks like one of those dolls of a little kid standing in a corner. Ya know? The creepy ones? Except he is a real cutie - not creepy at all.

  5. ok i'm probably a bit late on this one, but this is one of my favorite kid stories. we went to red robin with our kids about a year ago. ashby was 4. we ordered her a strawberry lemonade and found out after it came that she wanted root beer. we made her drink the lemonade anyway and she said it tasted like cow. how awesome is that? not that it adds a ray of light to your day, but it sure is funny!