Friday, December 7, 2007

Lightning Strikes Twice

I once wrote that I've never met anyone like my son Logan. Except, amazingly, my son Levi is a lot like Logan. Same swagger. Same flair. Same amazing ability to remember names and dates as he expands his social network.

Case in point: Here's a memorable quotation from Logan several years ago. One night we were riding in the car, and Logan spun this tale:

Once there was a happy family: Logan, Roscoe, Angela, Mark, and Levi. They were all Qshurst-McGees. Levi Christian Qshurst-McGee, Angela Michelle Qshurst-McGee, Roscoe HenryQshurst-McGee. Mark Roscoe Qshurst-McGee.

At this point Mark and I were chuckling contentedly, enjoying this story of family love. Then Logan continued:

But one had the longest name of all. Logan. He was the fastest. He was the best.

Yesterday, Levi was drawing and I hear him say:

Oh man, I messed up! I'm trying to make the most happiest person in the
world--eats good food, listens to his teacher, and does all good stuff. A person
like me! ... And then I'll put some Spiderman stickers on.

Yesterday I snuck up on Levi while he was deeply absorbed in some make-believe between a little Obi-Wan and a lion. I love the way kids his age go so deep in their play. I also love how in this clip you can see the moment when Levi realizes I'm stalking him. He tries to play it cool for a moment, then gives in.

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  1. Cute. Just yesterday I caught Asher in one of those "deep in play" moments. He couldn't come to dinner until he got cetain blocks stacked the way he wanted.
    You're boys sure are handsome.