Monday, December 17, 2007

Logan logs double digits

In a momentous weekend, Logan rolled it over into double digits. He turned 10 on Sunday at 4:57 p.m.--which is just the kind of detail that Logan remembers.

To start the festivities, Logan and Roscoe both graduated to blue belt in karate. They are both looking very sharp these days and clearly making a lot of progress.

On Friday, I made this electric guitar cake for Logan's birthday party. I experienced technical difficulties with the icing tools and therefore conveniently decided on this edgy style.

Logan, Levi, and 6 friends enjoyed a pizza dinner and a viewing of Napoleon Dynamite. They discussed belching throughout the entire meal, and I let them.

On Sunday Logan opened his presents from his parents and grandparents, most notably, this cool, blue, junior-sized electric guitar.

Logan has been asking for an electric guitar for years, and I poo-pooed him until one Thanksgiving when he had the chance to try out Cousin Eric's guitar. Logan looked so thrilled, so natural, so like a fish who had finally found water, and so cool that I began to let go of my dream that Logan play the piano. Finally, we struck the deal that if Logan showed his commitment and dependability by faithfully practicing piano for a year, then he could have an electric guitar. He held up his side of the bargain, and now, so have I.

As you know, I face Logan's second decade with some trepidation. I've have lots of second and third thoughts about launching him into the world of butt-rock and reverb at this tender age. My hope is that Logan will see that by giving him this guitar I am buying into his dreams and supporting him in being him. Maybe if I give him tools to pursue his dreams, he won't feel he has to fight me to get there.

Maybe this picture can be the symbol of Logan's second decade.

Yes, he's playing an electric guitar. But he's nestled in the loving arms of his mother, who shows him both how to manage the frets and how to feel the spirit and choose the right.


  1. You're so good at putting your heart's feelings onto paper (or...well...a blog...). I am jealous.
    And Logan is so lucky to have such a sensitive Mom who doesn't stick to her guns just because. I think this was probably a hard step for you to take as a parent and I hope it rewards you in all the ways you want.
    Logan does look very cool. I can just imagine his face when he saw his present.

  2. I'm getting a little misty eyes! (It could be the hormones) He looks so at home with that guitar on! There are plenty of non-butt-rocking-LDS musicians out there. And you can feel the spirit with an electric guitar. Get him to learn "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire" it sounds excellent electrified!

  3. Electric classics are definitely a good thing.

    I hope it all works out for you.

  4. two words... Power... Stance
    Must have pics!