Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snowy Saturday

Today was the first real snow of the year, and it was a big one. Like six inches. It came down all morning. The kids bundled up and spent the day playing in the snow and shovelling the driveway...over and over again. Have you heard the one about how cleaning house before your children are grown is like shovelling the walk while it's still snowing. So true. And yet, people in snowy climes know that you do have to shovel while it's still snowing before the snow gets all compressed and refrozen and there's too much to shovel at one time.

Rosoce, Haley, Logan, and Levi on the snowy tramp. Haley is wearing a little pink dress and striped tights. I pointed out to her the wisdom of wearing pants in the snow but she was too enamored of the tights to change out of them.

When Levi came in his cheeks were bright pink. This may have had something to do with the fact that Logan rubbed his face in the snow.

Suiting up for snow for the first time of the season involved lots of searching for the preferred gloves or mittens, dumping out the entire shoe basket--and all the dirty socks therein--in search of a mitten's mate. Our house has no coat closet--no closet on the entire main floor--so the little nook to the garage has little coat hooks and the shoe basket and we try to make that work.

Today I had a brainstorm on how to keep the kids organized. I got this shoe organizer at Target. Each kid has a row, where they keep their everyday gloves, snow gloves, hat, flipflops, or whatever. I'm thrilled with the prospect of a winter without the daily hassle of locating this or that. Now instead of rummaging through the shoe basket for a workable but mismatched pair, each child has their own stuff to keep track of and place to put it. Mark cannot understand why I would even mention it, but you know, don't you.


  1. Oh yes, I know. And I think you ARE a genius. It's perfect that they each have their own row.
    We do have a hall closet but inside is a coat rack, like yours, and a shoe organizer, like yours. Because Naomi can't reach her coat if it's on a hanger and my big triumph of this winter so far is teaching Naomi to get her own coat, put it on and be ready to go -she still can't zip - but I can handle that.
    (I can't believe the run-on sentence that I just wrote. It was so bad I had to preserve it for you to gag at.)

  2. What a great idea! I only have 2 and they are teens now, but every morning it's the same thing, "where's my mittens???"

    I'll try it! Of course, it may turn out like the earring organizer I bought for my daughter... I still find earrings all over the house, on the floor, in the bathroom.. etc... LOL!

  3. I might try that organizer on the door! We currently have 2 large boxes right inside the garage, where everything is mixed together.

    Also, the snow looks fun! We might have to do a "snow vacation" one of these years instead of a "sun vacation"