Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two tiny tips

Life is squeezed too overfull for any creative musing to come leaking out. Instead, here are two tried-and-tried tips. Totally effective, totally low-tech, all for mere pennies. If only life were so simple.

To get rid of a wart, make a little band-aid strip out of duct tape and wear it for a few days. It suffocates the wart and voila.

This one is stolen from my friend at Mythbuster Beauty. Smash two aspirin in a cup, add a few drops of water, and spread the grit over your face and neck. Rinse off in 10 minutes or so and you'll have lovely, silkly smooth skin. I adore this.

What is your favorite household tip?


  1. Y'know Mark tried the duck tape thing and after what seemed like at least two weeks, the wart was still there. IDK

    Oh sorry. My fave is the honey & oatmeal facial scrub followed by an egg mask.

  2. Instead of aspirin or honey or oatmeal or eggs - I use chocolate chip cookies. Liberally. Here's how it works - you make or buy the cookies, get a glass of milk, turn on the TV, sit down in your favorite chair and eat the cookies while watching TV. It works with a book instead of TV too.

    Really, my favorite household trick is to have a formal living room. People think I keep an immaculate house - I definitely do NOT. But my living room is always clean.

  3. So since we've been sick the last few weeks, my tip is thusly themed:

    For a sore throat, especially in the beginning:

    Take a tablespoon of baking soda and put it in a mug full of hot water. Gargle it as much as you can stand. Repeat as necessary every morning and night. I also have heard salt works and alcohol (like in a mouthwash, but you could try your handy Moose Juice if you wanted ;)

    Rob's sore throat lasted weeks because he refused to this, mine lasted two days.

  4. Nanc, I'm with you on the formal living room as a buffer between the world and family chaos. Good one, Em-- I love salt and hot water on a sore throat. Does wonders. I think I learned that one from Grandma Gold.