Thursday, December 13, 2007

Update on everyone

Seems to have recovered--mostly--from a cute little rash all over his little self. Maybe roseola?

Is totally flummoxed by her fever, which is a doozy. I keep telling her, "You are so sick and it makes you sad--but it's okay! Just rest here until your body makes you all better."

Recites long portions of dialogue from his favorite movies, using voices. His Spiderman/Green Goblin dialogue with "No matter what you do for them, eventually, they will hate you" is downright creepy.

Has the world's worst hair. A total dog pelt of what was, a few months ago, a cute buzz. When oh when will his mother fix it?

Has lost his Spanish book. His teacher says it will cost $80 to replace it. But it's somewhere on this earth, so why can't I just get it back?

Hasn't laid eyes on Jesse since, I think, last Sunday. He's on dissertation blitz, passes through late in the night, then is out the door before Jesse is awake.

I must admit, is getting tired.


  1. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! How could I? Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thank you...I just didn't want him to have eternal middle-child syndrome because his mother forgot about him...

  3. Poor little Haley. I hate trying to explain why they are sick to my little ones. I always try to accent the positive "when you're sick you get to watch all the TV you want!" But they always seem onto me and know that really, this sucks.
    Poor Angela, too. She needs a break. Sorry I'm not there to give you one.

  4. *sympathetic sigh* We love you and your squirrels!