Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Absent-Minded Professor, or All's Well That Ends Well

Mark was late for dinner last night. Not terribly unusual. But as the clock ticked past 6:30 and around to 7:00 I started to worry. Had he run off to Cancun with...someone? Come to think of it, I'd hadn't even talked with him all day. Had he been in a car crash on the way to work? Should I turn on the radio to check for word of a toxic spill downtown?

Mark walked in (to applause, as always) at 6:50 and was a good enough sport to recount the following events:

  • Mark boards southbound train 15 minutes behind schedule. He pulls out some dissertation materials to pass the time.
  • Mark surfaces to realize he passed his stop long ago.
  • Mark disembarks to await a northbound train to take him back to his stop.
  • Mark waits in the cold until his original train returns, having reached the end of the line and turned back.
  • Mark again pulls out some dissertation materials.
  • Mark surfaces and notices the train is stopping. Ah, he thinks with satisfaction, this is the stop before mine.
  • Whoops, actually that was the stop after his.
  • Mark disembarks.
  • Mark awaits another southbound train.
  • Mark boards new train.
  • Does he now pull out dissertation materials? We hope not. But at least he succeeds in getting off at the right stop and driving home to his loving family.


  1. See I always worry about some crazy person blowing up the COB. And yesterday there was a guy somewhat close to downtown threatening to blow himself up.

    Rob wouldn't go to Cancun. He'd go to some archives with some lady archivist...

  2. Actually, he wouldn't even need the lady...

    That's another good reason why we will live at the very last stop of the commuter rail, at least until they extend it up to Brigham City.

  3. Living at the last stop doesn't help. We lived at the last stop for a while and Richard would still fall asleep enough that he'd be headed back to D.C. before he woke up. It always amazed me that nobody was nice enough to wake him up.
    But doing it twice in a row...that takes talent.