Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year's

Several years ago, we had one dud of a New Year’s Eve: Little Roscoe and Logan went to bed on time, Mark and I had no plans, and the evening was a total bust. Now thanks to the miracle of 5 children, we have a permanent, built-in party. Mark and the squirrels went to the store for pop and chips. It’s amazing what a couple liters of cheapo pop can do for the kids. Then we all sat down and made toasts with our pop. Toasts like, “To 2008!” “To new goals!” and of course, “To Jesse!” We emphasized to all the children the importance of clinking glasses gently, but little Jess’s plastic sippy cup was shatter-proof, and he toasted with abandon and glee. He was like a barbaric little Viking brandishing a flagon of ale. (He then learned the fun of smashing his cup down onto the chips scattered across the table.)

Once the three little kids were in bed, Mark and the big boys started the real party. We put a Black-eyed Peas station on Pandora and played a round of Blokus (new Christmas game from Uncle Josh). Then I took a long soak in the tub while the boys watched the Truman Show. I explained to Mark that if I wanted to face 14 hours with my children on January 1 with any cheer or optimism, then I needed to not stay up with them til midnight. So the boys’ cheers to welcome the new year wafted through my dreams.

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  1. That sounds like my kinda New Years Eve party! Looks like you are starting the year off right!