Saturday, January 12, 2008

Levi demonstrates passionate feelings for a certain spice and coins a new word

Overheard during Levi's Saturday morning snuggle, after Mom informed Levi we would not be making breakfast toast since Mom had just made 6 loaves of Amish frienship bread:

Levi: But, Mom! That bread wasn't as cinnamonish as I expected!

[A few moments later.]

Levi (with rising despair): This is our third no-toast Saturday!

Mom: Levi, what if I sprinkle some extra cinnamon on the top of your slice of bread?

Levi (emphatically): With butter.

[Several minutes later, as Levi comes upstairs to wash the amazing cinnamon accumulation on his hands and face.]

Levi: I really am enjoying this, Mom.

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