Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Valentine Playlist

Several years ago, desperation met inspiration, and our Valentine's Day tradition was born. Mark and I couldn't get a babysitter, and all the restaurants would be crammed with couples displaying we stayed in. We bought Norah Jones's first CD and a cartload of treats from Target and made our own appetizer-and-dessert smorgasbord. (We love pretty much anything by Archer Farms.) We put the kids to bed with direr-than-usual warnings and snuggled up on the couch with a movie. It was divine and relaxing and private and just about us.

We've never gone out for Valentine's Day since, and our annual CD has included Barry White (oh my!), Norah Jones II and III, and Allison Krauss.

This year, we're making our own nostalgia-drenched romantic playlist. Here's the list so far. We'd love to hear your suggestions for additions.

"We Belong," Pat Benatar
Because we do.

"I Never Cared for You," Willie Nelson
Mark admires the poetry of this one. Don't miss the irony.

"Come away with Me," Norah Jones
From our first-ever Valentine's at home.

"Turn Me On," Norah Jones
The anthem for all a happily-married housewives.

"Fields of Gold," Sting
We heard Sting sing this one as an opener for The Grateful Dead in Las Vegas.

"The Way I Am," Ingrid Michaelson
A cozy song (the "sweater" song from the Old Navy ads) for cozy relationships.

"Wild Horses," The Sundays
What we really love is the cover done by our friend Brenda.

"These Are Days," 10,000 Maniacs
I think this was once the theme song of Bill Clinton's campaign. But first it was our song. It came out just as Mark and I were getting engaged and it reminded me then of the eternal import of those days.

"Dream a Little Dream, " The Mamas and the Papas
I've always loved this quirky little tune.

"Touch of Gray," The Grateful Dead
We're sure hoping a touch of gray suits us, because things are definitely heading that way.

"Into Your Arms," Lemonheads
Mark knows there are days when into his arms is the only place I want to go.

"Across the Universe," the Beatles
Mark used to serenade me with this one on his guitar.

"Love and Anger," Kate Bush
An overwrought love song based on the overwrought love of Heathcliff and Kathy in Wuthering Heights. It was on the make-out tape Mark and I used when we were dating. (Fortunately, the tape wasn't long and ended with Nirvana's mood-busting "Smells Like Teen Spirit.")

"Sweet Jane," Cowboy Junkies
How mel-LOW can you go?

"Nothing At All," Alison Krauss
Great for kitchen dances, which we've started losing the habit of.


  1. Have you heard "The String Quartet's Tribute to ------"? I love these. And they run the gamut from Enya to Iron Maiden. It's great. Check it the list here and I've seen them on itunes:

    So in essence, they can take wonderful tunes and make them very cool and romantic just by adding strings.

    My addition would be "Forever Young" from Alphaville. What a great song and because you are.

    Rob's and my list would vary widely. He would have classical and I'd have power rock and soft rock. Nicely enough, he gives in and dances in the kitchen with my music.

  2. Em, Iron Maiden, huh? cool.

    Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" is its own ditty apart from her "The Love and the Anger". Two good songs.

  3. You have to have at least one Journey song on your list!
    I'm not giving up any more than that. One day I DO plan on making a mixed tape of my own for my Mark.

  4. Well, I think your and my taste's in music is slightly different - but have you ever heard "She Said Yes" by Brad Paisley.

    Richard made a CD of some our favorite songs and played it while he was leading up to proposing to me, complete with a pause at the appropriate moment for him to pop the question. This is the song that came on right after as we were kissing because I had said yes. It always makes me smile.

  5. Love the Sundays with a passion!