Monday, February 18, 2008

Squirrels and birds

Three years ago when Levi was two-and-a-half and his first foster sister was one week younger, Mark started calling them squirrels. They did scamper about underfoot making mischief in squirelly ways. Now we can Levi and Haley "the squirrels," though it really doesn't fit now that they've stretched out into lankier preschoolers.

The other day at lunch, Mark and I looked up to see this scene. The other barstools were occupied, so the squirrels improvised, perching like little birds. We pointed out that there were plenty of seats available at the table, but there they stayed throughout their meal.


  1. Ahhhhh. That is so cute! I'm glad to see them being friendly. And they do look very bird-like. But I just love the image of the squirrels. I'm glad I'll have squirrels in my house for a long time still - although I also have birds and sometimes weasels. But I most often call my children my "kiddies" which Naomi replies to by meowing.

  2. You really do have VERY cute squirrels!