Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Family Home Evening

I have two huge file drawers full of Family Home Evening lesson packets. Last night we did our annual performance of the folder entitled, "An Easter Miracle," which is one of the top 2 of all the FHEs we've ever had. Why? It teaches both young and older kids, it has superb wow-factor fun, it's firmly grounded in scripture, and it's totally focused on Christ.

And now, for our valued readers, here are the instructions for staging this one-of-a-kind, family-pleasing FHE [drum roll]:

1. Get 12 cheapo plastic Easter eggs. Label them 1-12 with a Sharpie.

2. Follow the instructions here and here to put an Easter-related object into each egg. For example, egg #1 contains a sacrament cup, representing Jesus saying "let this cup pass." Egg #4 contains a chunk of soap representing Pilate washing his hands. Egg #10 contains a pebble representing the stone rolled before the tomb. Altogether, the eggs tell the Easter story from Gethsemane to the resurrection. Putting all the objects together will take a little legwork, but then you'll be able to pull it out each Easter and wow your kids.

3. On Monday evening, get out the Easter baskets. Make the kids wait in one room while you hide the 12 eggs in the other. Explain that they can find the eggs and put them in their baskets, but they may NOT OPEN the eggs.

4. Once everyone has had a ball finding eggs, put all the eggs in one basket. Let the children take turns coming up to open each egg in order and display its contents. As you open each egg, read the correlating scripture verses (provided in the links above).

5. Even though we've done this every year, a hush still falls over the kids when they open egg #12 and find that it's empty: "He is not here: for He is risen."

In that moment of hush, bear your testimony to your children--and that makes the best Family Home Evening of all.

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  1. Sounds like a great FHE. We're doing the 12 eggs thing as a countdown to Easter (open one each day from now till then). Naomi is really getting into it and understanding the story. I love these holiday's that have great spritual meaning.