Sunday, March 16, 2008

Logan Spars to Victory

Logan participated in a tournament at his karate school yesterday. He competed in forms and sparring, but he was most excited about the sparring--maybe because of his experiences in our family? All week Mark and I watched for opportunities to sneak in comments about doing-your-best versus winning.

Logan won his first sparring round. The second round was to determine first and second place. It was brutal. Logan worked hard for each hit, and if only 1 of the 3 judges actually saw the contact, it didn't count. He got dressed down by the judge two times for hits that weren't "controlled" enough--meaning too hard or not on target--and poor little Logan, adrenaline coursing, had to listen respectfully and say, "Yes, ma'am," even though he really was doing his best.

In the end, he got second place. I'm glad he got a medal, and I'm also kind of glad he didn't get first. He really did do his best, and I think he feels that that was the greatest award of the day. Oh, and the Happy Meals that followed.


  1. Righteous - that is super cool. Our kids are in T-ball and sometime I wonder if Ashurst kids are better suited to individual (as opposed to team) sports. They have a hard time getting the team concept and caring for much else other than playing in the dirt - maybe that's the age though, I dunno.
    Cool for Logan though - that is super cool.

  2. Good for him! Does Daddy work out with him?

    I need to learn from Berkeley prepared for Battle of the Books (kinda like scripture chase) his teammates kept talking about whether they liked the books, and I kept saying, "who cares what you thought of the book? This is about winning!" I'm kind of glad they lost for the first time in 4 years, because I apparently needed to get a grip.