Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mom's Cancer, by Brian Fies

A couple years ago I learned from Harvey Pekar and American Splendor that graphic novels (comic books) aren't just about superheroes. So when I saw this book at the library (while helping Levi find comics about superheroes), I thought I'd give it a try.

I loved it. Fies tells the true story of his mom's battle with lung cancer, from the time they first suspect a problem to..well, I won't tell you the end of the book. The graphic novel format lets Fies tell the story in unique ways. And I loved the real portrayal of a family working together in a terrible time. For example, this page shows the roles Fies and his two sisters took in the process:

It took only a couple hours to read, was fun, and gave me a deeper understanding of people and families who deal with cancer. Highly recommended.


  1. There is a publishing house, though I can't remember which one, that does the classics in graphic novel form. It's the only way I got through Hamlet and King Lear. Super cool art, too.

  2. That sounds so cool! Marri loves the graphic novels, but know I'll have to check them out.