Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My New Best Friend

If my brother Mark is an early adapter, constantly wheedling and berating all those around him to embrace a new technology that will make life better, I'm a SLOW adapter. I was very, very disgruntled by the advent of DVDs and only got a DVD player when my parents broke down and GAVE me one--which is, incidentally, how I got my first digital camera. For years I made do with dial-up with the strategy of getting up to fold a batch of laundry each time a page needed to load. My general procedure for buying a new computer is to get the cheapest one my search can locate.

But now, I am the proud owner of a zippy, sexy champagne-colored laptop that rivals Mark's, courtesy of my business.

Thanks to my techno-bros Mark, Joe, Troy, and Richard for useful advice, all of which I used.


  1. It is very sexy! May it bring you much happiness and a more productive work/mothering mix.

  2. Cool, doesn't that have a built-in webcam for easy teleconferencing with prospective clients and/or grandma's who miss their grandkids? My brother-in-law is looking to get a laptop to take to Iraq and I told him to get this kind since I've heard good stuff.

  3. Not to pet the sweaty things, but "berate" seems to have negative connotations (though I have not dictionary-ized it yet) and I bleev the phrase is "early adopter."

    Some body stop me please.

  4. Joe, so right on both counts. I do feel berated--with all its negative conotations--when one of my bros shouts, "WHAT! You don't use GOOGLE GADGET!!??!!" And it's definitely "adopter"--typo by me.