Thursday, March 27, 2008

On Boys

I love Jacquelyn Mitchard's column in Wondertime magazine, mostly because she writes from the perspective of having several children (a topic I really must address, but not now). Here's my favorite part from her latest column on being the mother of 5 boys:

"Remove whatever is on the Y chromosome and you just may eliminate most of the crime and most of the comedy on earth, but I'm not sure the latter would be worth the former. I'm heavily invested in that Y. My life without sons would be a haven of peaceful and predictable days and nights. Who wants that?...I love my boys for their pure sense of mayhem."

Jacquelyn's right: It's not PC feminism, but it's true that boys are different and will--bank on it--fashion a gun from a waffle in front of their peace-loving mama and burp the alphabet. Just today Levi came to me to point out that when he had burped over his lunch it made an "L" sound. He just thought I should know. And when I let Jesse out the front door he ran to stomp in a puddle, then ran the other way to crawl through some mud, all in the first 5 seconds. And thanks to Roscoe and Logan, my front room was strewn with two backpacks, 5 piano books, 4 shoes, 3 dirty socks, and approximately 10 slide-on paper claws constructed last night in their room after bedtime.

I do adore the unseemly, slightly grimy, mischevious, uncontained, uncivilized, sometimes unholy world boys live in. I know one day they'll be gone and I'll be able to prune roses or whatever serene activity floats my boat. Til then, pass the mustard and cut the cheese.


  1. Thumbs up for you. I can barely manage 1 boy, let alone 4!

  2. I'm still learning to love my boys for all those crazy, disgusting, trouble making reasons - but hearing about how much other mamas love their boys helps me to remember that it's not just Asher. It's all of them. Sometimes that's comforting - sometimes it's not.

  3. I love it! Awesome post! I miss your boys.