Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

Actual April Fool's Day jokes overheard at the Qshurst-McGee household:

~ Mom, there's an ax in your head.
~ Mom, there's a sword in your back.
~ Mom, there's an ax in your face. [and other variations]
~ Guess who's coming to dinner? Peter Parker and Mary Jane!
~ Guess who's coming to dinner? Mr. Incredible.
~ Guess what's for dinner tonight--Brains!
~ Oh no! The mouse is loose!
~ Mom, can I have a drink of milk? April Fool's! Just kidding--can I have a drink of milk?

But the winner of the day was me. I told the kids we were having ice cream for dessert, but really I served them instant mashed potatoes with strawberry sauce.

Roscoe was first to notice my deception.

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Then the other kids erupted in outroar. Haley made this grossed-out little face, but then as everyone else rushed to dramatically toss their cups into the sink and demand real ice cream, she quietly ate up every bit of strawberry sauce--never mind the mashed potatoes.


  1. HA! Hysterical! Who wants to waste good strawberry sauce? - Well - you can't be too mad about my little joke if this is the kind of thing going on in your own household.

  2. We did the cupcakes that were really meatloaf with food-colored mashed potatoes for frosting! Family fun inspired. The kids really liked it. Then we did the fake spaghetti and meatballs with frosting and chocolate balls and strawberry sauce. I've determined that this is the time of my life to truly enjoy the silliness of April Fools.

  3. That's the best kind of joke--it's silly but everyone is fooled!