Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bein' a Cub Scout

I take Levi to a tee-ball game, with Haley and Jesse in tow. Jesse runs into the field at least 10 times.

Mark comes home from work. He and Logan apply the finishing touches to Logan's pinewood derby car. After coming in last in every heat last year, Logan has high hopes this time.

Levi's game concludes. We order a bag full of burgers on our way home.

The little kids have eaten their burgers still buckled in the car. We pick up Roscoe, Logan, and Mark and head to the church.

The pinewood derby begins. Each boy races his car two times in each of four lanes.

They huddle at the end of the track to watch their cars' performance.

The tension, the hope, the worry, the anxiety, the fear fill the room.

Logan's career in Cub Scouts pinewood derbies is over. He came in second place in many heats and, in the end, came in 7th of 12 cars. A definite improvement--but not the triumph he was hoping for.


  1. I gotta admit, when I was Den Leader the Pinewood Derby was one of the hardest things because I could see all that hope in those boys eyes and I knew that only one of them would be as happy as they wanted to be at the end. And in the end, the punk-know-it-all won which was a big bummer to me. I wanted the sweet-tried-so-hard boy to win. Oh well. I'm glad Logan wasn't crushed, at least.

  2. Sam was 12th out of 13 cars. But it had cool flames.

  3. Brenda, what else really matters?

    FYI, a few years back, I was given an $80 budget for a company PW derby race. I spent it on all these fancy wheel alignment and shaft polishing tools. It paid off when I came in like 7th or something out of like 300 cars. Some of those guys had taken their axle shafts to jewelers to have them polished.

    FYI for future PW Derbys - I still have all the cool tools - just gathering dust becuase I don't really do a whole lot of derbying anymore...