Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day in the Life

Who do you think left me this casecade of drawers next to my bed? A coded message?

This is what I found when I opened the door to unload the dishwasher: a Lego guy, a chess piece, a jar lid. Another message?

Levi unloaded this arsenal from his pockets. Even the little plastic knives from Haley's kitchen set were commandeered.

Then Levi loaded it all back into his pockets and demonstrated his technique.

Logan's scooter ride home from school yielded this nice little bite out of his front tooth--his permanent front tooth. Fortunately the dentist says the roots are fine and he'll fill it tomorrow.


  1. Classic. Love the dishwasher full of little things. As someone with fake teeth going on myself, I have great sympathy for Roscoe and his tooth.

  2. OUCH!!!!!!!

    The filled portions of my teeth seem to chip out far too often. There is nothing like the real thing.

    When he starts wake/snow boarding, get him a little rubber mouthpiece like they wear in football ;)