Friday, April 4, 2008

General Conference for Kids

Someone just forwarded this awesome packet of General Conference activities for kids. It looks like a true gem.

I also found this fun idea:

This past Monday night at FHE we taught our kids the story of King Benjamin and
focused on the tents all the families brought and how they faced their doors to
the temple. We then decided that we would set up our tent in our house and let
everyone come inside and watch General Conference out the door. We talked about
making our tent a temple and what it meant when we entered the temple. To help
us out, our 6 year old made steeples for our tent with an angel Moroni on the
top. They will take off their shoes before entering our sacred temple. I am very
hopeful that this will help them understand the sacredness and importance of

We always do cutting and coloring stations for the little kids. They slice old copies of the Friend magazine to shreds and try to identify each speaker on the General Authority chart from the last Ensign conference edition. The big kids are allowed to doodle or play with a bionicle or something, but they have to stay in the room. I think this time we'll let the kids hang out in the tent.

Another trick: We always send them out for a frantic jump session on the tramp during the intermediary song--and we don't call them back in as soon as it's over.


  1. What happened to that cool post about what your kids will remember? I read it in my blog-reader but now it's not here for me to comment on!

  2. Me too! My favorite was you telling Logan "if you're gonna rock, its gotta be loud!" You are such a hip mom!

  3. We just make lots of good food, tell the kids how much we LOVE conference weekend, and threaten that they'll have to leave the room and miss the opportunity to watch with us if they can't be still. And if they decide to leave, so be it. It's my weekend off.