Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jesse and Guys

One week before his second birthday, words Jesse says:

guy ~ bye-bye ~ hi ~ help! ~ bottle ~ more ~ my ~ mom ~ ball ~ duck ~ shoe ~ go ~ no ~ uh-oh ~ wow ~ thank you

The pretty firm benchmark is that toddlers should say at least 50 words before their second birthday. Our brilliant and wonderful Jesse will clearly fail to make the grade in that regard.

Although he does not speak (note I didn't say he cannot because it really seems he's choosing to hold out on us), he spends much of his day 1) making guys talk to each other or 2) reading books, both of which are, developmentally speaking, very mature for his age. Here he is in one of his favorite passtimes: engaging two guys in a macho tete-a-tete. (Sorry about the huge background noise from my camera.)

My two oldest boys sometimes seem to be moron-savants--certifiably brilliant but unwilling to, say, carry on a logical conversation or complete a homework assignment or spell the word the correctly. There are weird gaps in their abilities that flummox even educational pros. Will Jesse follow in their footsteps?


  1. Love it! I love the "Hey, guys!" especially since I can totally hear YOU saying that in the same inflection. What a cutie. He's obviously developmentally fine - what do "the experts" know.

  2. Scott knows no words at 1. My kids barely talk much at all until around 2. They have a mom who talks to fast and a dad who kind of mumbles. But I agree, what do "the experts" know?!?

  3. Oh - I can hardly wait to get my hands on that 'guy'. He is sooo cute!

  4. Wow! The last time I saw him he couldn't even walk! While very VERY excited about my summer excursion, I am so sad I will miss your family in Texas!

  5. i would say that's very good for a two year old, it's very fun to watch at any rate! by the way it kind of freaks me out how much you ashurst women sound so much alike, it could have been nancy talking to jesse!