Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jesse Turns Two

My brother Mark says he can't wait for his baby to grow up and grow through the stages of his life. But I'm full of mourning, even as I help usher each child into their next phase.

(Jesse swapped his birthday hat with its annoying elastic for this much comfier one.)

I love today's two-year-old Jesse. But I really loved one-year-old Jesse, and baby Jesse, and they are now gone, never to return.

And when two-year-old Jesse is gone, I'll miss him, too.


  1. Oh This makes me so sad! I'm missing my little baby already....and he's only just gotten his first two teeth...

  2. I can't believe he's 2 already! It seems just like yesterday that we were there for his arrival!
    You don't have a baby anymore! We don't even have a kid in diapers anymore, that's even weirder!

  3. All of those pictures are so beautiful! I totally know what you mean about mourning it - except maybe not since I have more of an expectation of doing it several more times than you do. Anyway, Happy Birthday little guy!

  4. I miss baby Jesse, too! I'm savoring every moment of my baby! I don't want it to be over too quickly!

  5. I know. Our youngest is four, and although she still acts like a baby a lot of the time, she truly is growing up and we are leaving certain phases of life forever. Berkeley turning teen this weekend definitely nudges us into a new makes me sad how hard it is to REMEMBER. To hold on to who they are at the moment.

  6. Oh man! I never even got to meet one-year-old Jesse!