Friday, April 25, 2008


There's a spool in my heart winding tighter and tighter.

Without my noticing, it sometimes winds too tight and my soft answers get pulled into harsh ones.

Tonight I had an hour of peace and solitude. I had spent time with each child on science projects, Cub Scout requirements, board games, campout prep, and loving mentoring. The kitchen floor was mopped (largely thanks to my visiting mother-in-law), the kids were tucked in bed.

I sat in a quiet room and felt my tension unspool.


  1. That moment in the evening is priceless. Just the other day I tried really hard to have one of those days. I spent time with each child doing just what they needed/wanted and I had my best nice-Mommy face on all evening. Then about 20 minutes before bedtime I could feel it slipping away so I caved and turned on the TV. Sometimes I think that's just as bad loosing it in anger. It's an "I give up". But I'm working on it.

  2. Your late night floor mopping reminded me of a phone call I received from you when you were in college. "The other girls are in bed. but I wasn't tired yet. I went into the kitchen for a late midnight snack and found the floor with so much jelly on it that it almost pulled my shoe off. I ended up mopping it." My mother always said, "What goes around comes around." Grandma

  3. What a perfect visual. May you have an hour of silence every day (and not have to wake up at 3am to get it. )