Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chicky Loves

My talented sister-in-law Kate put together this chicky banner in mere moments. I'm so flattered that this is the image she thought of for me and my blog. Especially since she doesn't have children yet, I worry about all the times when she sees me grumpy or impatient, or my children dirty.

All day long I've been imaginging myself cheeping little loves out to my chickies.

(Kate says Mark is absent only because of design constraints. But really the blog isn't much about him--that relationship is usually too private to broadcast.)


  1. Wow! She IS very talented. Amazing! Especially since, frozen in time, Kate and Ruth are still running around their house in Alb. in those ridiculous flower-girl dresses at the age of 9. (Or at least that's how I see Kate since I haven't actually seen her much since then)

  2. And does she want to "throw together in mere minutes" one for me? I'll swap her for something "Made by Nancy" on my Etsy shop!

  3. It's like how in Everybody loves Raymond, even though they have three kids, the show really isn't about the kids.

    love the banner,


  4. Aww, it's great!

  5. It's real nice... but mis the sugar!