Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Disappearing Mother

I found this image on Swaptorium. Look closely.

We have some old home movies where my mother's disembodied hand enters the scene to smooth someone's hair or adjust their Batman cape, but this takes it to a whole new level. I feel like I can almost see her, like she would be a kindred spirit if I could only see her face.

So what do you see?

~ A smart mother who found a clever way to keep baby happy while posing for a picture of the children?

~ A justification for blogging, which allows mothers to send comminques out into the world and, with, luck avoid becoming totally invisible?

~ A sad metaphor for women's role in society: holding it up, placed front-and-center, but obscured by florals?

~ A perfect allegory for the life of a mother and housewife, wherein the person who pressed and tied those little bows gets no credit or even recognition?

What do you think?


  1. Maybe she was having a very bad hair and really didn't want her photo taken.

  2. When I showed this to Richard he didn't think it was that odd. He said "yeah, it's weird - but they took pictures of dead people!"

    I think she was keeping the baby happy.

  3. I'm with nancy, I think she was keeping the baby happy. maybe something to do in the future?

  4. I think she wanted a photo of the kids. ONLY the kids, but the baby needed to be held.
    Funny thing, when you said to look closely but didn't say why, I looked very closely at the person under the floweredy cloth and noticed the cloth over the head looks like a skull. Allegory? - Scary! - Weird.
    Maybe Mom was dead and they wanted one last photo of her and the kids.
    Maybe I'm just having a macabre day.

  5. I think I see the nanny. That's classic! Couldn't they at least have zoomed in? Done something horizontal?

  6. I love your assessments. I think it's all of the above!