Sunday, May 25, 2008

"For friends at first are friends again at last" -Joseph Smith

Yesterday we got a visit from our beloved college friends, Brenda and Mike Andrus. They got married on the same day we did, then Brenda and I worked together the BYU writing lab. Brenda and I bonded over being outspoken liberals married to mild husbands and the challenges and joys of newlywed life. When my husband worked in the archives and her husband delivered pizza all weekend, we dated each other. Mark and I were among the biggest fans of Brenda's rock band and Mike's mountain bike racing wins (seriously--these are talented people!). When Brenda got pregnant, I followed soon after, and then we bonded over first pregnancy and baby love. There are few people we admire and enjoy more than them. But we moved, and they moved, and life went on and we mostly drifted out of touch.

What then, you might ask, brought us back together for a happy Saturday morning breakfast? What prompted Mike and Brenda to spend a few hours of their precious family vacation chatting with us while their boys and ours bonded over computer games? We owe it all, dear friends, to blogging.

Brenda started a blog, then found mine, and she and I discovered that the years had not really separated us at all. We're following the same tracks now as much as we were then--as if we'd been living on the same cul-de-sac all along--helping our boys enter adolescence, trying to teach the gospel to spirited children, reading like good former English majors.

As Brenda said, if our blogs made this happy reunion possible, then they're more than worth it.


  1. How fabulous! Blogs really do rock! And so do soul mate sisters.

  2. Lovin the Andrus' as always. Wish we coulda been there to 'wheeze the juice.' Cool that you got together.

  3. I love how reading your blogs makes all of you seem closer. I'm making friends that other wise I'd only see once every three years (maybe).

  4. Angela,
    It was so much fun seeing you and Mark and the kids. Your family is cute is that Haley! Breakfast with you was the highlight of the trip. We look forward to seeing you in Oregon. Maybe we can talk Farmer Joe into making the trip as well. Let us know when the December party is going down. We'll try to make it.
    - Mike

  5. Mike checked your blog???? I'm so proud of him. I haven't even got through emails and phone messages, but now I'm posting about the trip and find that you already mentioned our visit 3 posts ago! Thanks for honoring us with your kindness. We love you!!!