Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Housewife's Rule of Five

Today was a bit of a dud. Nothing bad happened--in fact, nothing happened. Just one of those days--rare but real--when I wish for a moment that I were somewhere other than my own house, talking with someone other than my own children. In other words, the perfect day to deploy my trusty Housewife's Rule of Five.

Here's how it works: At the end of your day, list five things you've accomplished. Anything. Even "did a load of laundry," "read a naptime story,""made dinner," or "played ring-around-the-rosie when I really didn't want to."

One obstacle to being a happy housewife is that so much of what we do seems insignificant, goes unnoticed, or just has to be done all over again in the morning. True, no one on God's green earth knows what you did for your family today, but God knows--and you, He, and I all know that it's significant nonetheless.

Today's Five:

1. Did 60 minutes of cardio at the gym.

2. When Logan and Levi informed me that today was Hat Day at school and immediately began fighting over who got to wear our Davy Crockett hat, I leveraged my connection with our Primary chorister, borrowed Mark's church keys, and got two awesome hats from the Primary closet--then got the boys and their friends to school on time. All this in the pouring rain. (Levi chose the gold, jewel-encrusted king's crown; Logan chose the hamburger hat with a bun on top and lettuce, tomato, etc. poking ou the sides.)

3. Completed a resume order.

4. Dusted all three sets of venetian blinds in my room.

5. Invested some quality time in Logan, helping him blog, awarding two positive consequences, and watching the American Idol finale.

And best of all--I didn't raise my voice or snap at anyone, all day.


  1. Sound pretty productive to me! Especially all the stuff involving kids

  2. That does sound very good! Congrats on the hats especially since that seems like a totally above and beyond the call of duty thing. You didn't just "phone it in".

  3. I love this Angela! I am going to remember the housewives rule of 5. I just might post on it too! I am impressed that you didn't raise your voice all day - I'm sure that isn't hard for you but for me sometimes I feel it is near impossible, then the guilt sets in. You are such a great mom. I'm not sure how you have time for it all!

  4. I agree! Totally impressive! Pats on the back to you. You go! Great mom! I will have to remember your rules of five when i have one of those "now what did I get done today?" type of days.

  5. That's a great idea for everyday. I agree with melissamarchant: it's very impressive that you didn't raise your voice all day.

  6. I love this idea. Expect to see me using it on.. a daily basis. Heh.

  7. I really like this idea today. what time did you get up to get to the primary closet and get the kids to school on time... that's an accomplishment in itself! thank you so much for 3 cups of tea. i seriously loved it so much, that dr. greg is one amazing guy!