Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jesse's Super Powers

Levi, as I am dressing Jesse: I love Onesies. They're so cute. It's like Jesse's super suit. He really is a super hero. And he can really fight bad guys. His super power is to get peanut butter on their face. [as I slip on Jesse's button-up shirt] And that's his disguise for his secret identity. His secret identity is to be a photographer.


  1. So cute! I just love how fun it is to watch your kids' reactions to your other kids growing up. Naomi reminds me often that the boys are getting bigger, but she is getting bigger too so she's still the biggest kid.

  2. Did I tell you about the book my bro-in-law wrote? It's called The Super Trio and sounds like it's right up Levi's alley.

    (Or I have the entire version in Word if you want it). It's hilarious and fun and my kids wanted more and more.

  3. What a useful super power! I love Levi's imagination!

  4. I can hardly wait to spend some time with him. The tender feelings your kids have toward the 'baby' is exceptional.
    Perhaps, it is not only me who had contributed to what you kids all claim is the spoiling of Ruth.