Thursday, June 12, 2008

Notes from the Underworld

Mysterious--and possibly menacing--messages from the underworld encroaching upon my dreams of order and serenity.

1. Omen of warfare

Someone inked this little warrior along the side of my bedsheet.

2. Have I got a deal for you

"Do you want to buy this bookmark? It comes with glitter and a pencil. It costs a thousand bucks."


3. A secret treasure

Inside the babyproof doorknob on the inside of Jesse's bedroom door someone has cached a little green bug.

4. An important question, wherein Roscoe's intellectual abilities are showcased

"Haley, do you think there's ANY more monkeys? Anywhere?"

5. Post bathtime frolics

Haley likes to bathe in the hallway bathroom; Levi likes to shower in my bathroom. Jesse likes to streak, wet and naked, from one to the other. Oh, the joys of nakedness.

1 comment:

  1. I think that little warrior pictoral on your bed means someone has declared war. And the bug in the door knob was a booby-trap. Jesse is jumping on your bed while wet so you'll catch a cold. They're out to get you!

    Just kidding. Just cute kids things, I'm sure.