Friday, May 9, 2008

Revenge of the Kindergarten Teachers?

Levi, who doesn't like to bathe, took two showers yesterday. In his words, he wanted to "look his best" for today's kindergarten program.

Here's Levi singing "Going to the Zoo." Check out Levi in the front row swinging those hips as he sings.

So here's the part where I wondered if the kindergarten teachers were secretly seeking revenge: A couple weeks ago they sent home a paper explaining that each child must have an adult to perform the Chicken Dance alongside them at the program. The paper required that I sign that I would perform the Chicken Dance. Madness!, I thought. I mean, kindergarteners doing the Chicken Dance--that's cute--but adults? Not so much.

Well, part of me certainly felt like an idiot doing the Chicken Dance. But another part of me had a blast. Levi was so excited. We linked elbows to twirl during the little instrumental bridge, and his bright little face beamed up at me, "You have to skip, Mom!" Chalk one up for the kindergarten teachers.

The best part was the grand finale. Apparently the program concluded a little too early, and for legal reasons, they couldn't cut us all loose with our kids until their school day was officially over. So Levi's teacher said, "We're going to make your day a little more fun," and she invited everyone to come do the twist. Apparently Mark felt he had missed out on the Chicken Dance, and he ran out on the floor and twisted with, uh, gusto. (See him center below, with the greenish sweatshirt. He's the guy doing the white man's overbite.)

Then we stuck around for the 4th graders recorder concert--which for some reason was held in the dark. Mark's favorite part was when the kids clapped and chanted "We will, we will ROCK YOU!" and then announced that their first selection would be "Hot Cross Buns."

See Logan third from the left in the back row.


  1. You're going to have to watch out for that little girl sitting next to Levi. She's checking him out...and with a big grin too. She has plans...

  2. Sooo cute. How fun to have Mark there. And he does quite the twist! We'll have to ask for an encore at the next reunion.

  3. Angela, your blog tickles. May I link to it on my blog? Good, 'cuz I already did.

  4. Classic. Making you sign it was a nice touch. Sounds like a fun day with good support for the kids.

  5. Do you see the way those little girls are looking at Levi? What does that look mean? I can't figure it out.

    Nice dancing, Mark! He's got the moves.